OLYMP suspenders set / pocket square set
2-teilig, Olive

Article number  17341947

Perfectly matched.

This two-piece OLYMP set consisting of hanky and extravagant suspenders scores with lots of charm. Particularly modern and slim-fitting business looks intermingle with matching OLYMP accessories, which act as the icing on the cake when it comes to individual gentlemen's outfits. Details

Color: Olive

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OLYMP suspenders set / pocket square set, 2-teilig, Olive
Made to match with each other and with the colour codes from our business collection, the OLYMP pocket square and suspender set comes in a tone-on-tone graphic micro design and bring eye-catching individuality to the world of business. Matte black nickel-free clips and classy leather bars as well as the classic Y-shape of these dynamic suspenders ensure perfect performance; the pocket square acts as a detailed accent for the true gentleman. Naturally with stain-resistant finish.
  • Olive
  • Check
  • Lenght 110 cm

Material composition

  • Material:   60% silk/ 40% polyester