OLYMP Bow tie
regular 5,5 cm, Olive

Article number  17392047
Just take a bow tie: today, a stylish bow tie is often attributed to creative minds who are open to innovation. This first-class OLYMP model in a decorative woven design comes in versatile olive and blends seamlessly into traditional business outfits. Made of viscose and silk. Details

Color: Olive


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OLYMP Bow tie, regular 5,5 cm, Olive
Small, but great! Carefully selected accessories testify to stylistic greatness – especially when they feature in a man's wardrobe. When choosing the right neckwear, opting for a bow tie is a charming alternative to the ubiquitous tie, no matter whether you're in a business, private or party environment. This attractive OLYMP design is made of a textured silk-viscose mix and features a tasteful jacquard pattern in a high-quality tonal fabric. And of course, this premium accessory also comes pre-tied and coated with a stain-resistant finish.
  • Olive
  • regular 5,5 cm
  • Pre-bound bow tie
  • Perfectly matched to OLYMP business shirts
  • Stainproof finishing
  • Autumn

Material composition

  • Material:   60% Silk/ 40% Viscose


OLYMP Bow ties - Wear and care instructions
• OLYMP bow ties have a BIONIC-FINISH® ECO which provides increased protection against dirt and stains.  In many cases,  aqueous substances such as coffee or wine can simply be shaken or dabbed off the bow tie, without any marks being left behind.
• Stubborn stains can be removed using a soft cloth soaked in spirit or cleaner's solvent. Please note that the stain should be removed by carefully dabbing the fabric and not by rubbing.
• Dry cleaning can be an option, but only as a very last resort, as there is a risk that the interlining could become distorted and the bow tie could lose its shape and volume. The nanofinish could also be affected and lose its protective function.
• When travelling, bow ties can be transported in a special case/box placed in the spaces between the individual garments or in the collars of shirts.