OLYMP Knitwear, modern fit, Jacket lapel collar, Marine

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Extra fine qualities.



The OLYMP Knitwear blazer in marine is just right for more formal and elegant occasions. Its design turns the OLYMP Knitwear blazer into the highlight of every outfit. The superfine material guarantees extra-soft wearing comfort. An absolute must-have for fashionable appearances in OLYMP.
  • OLYMP Knitwear
  • Extra fine qualities.
  • Material: 59% cotton / 31% pure new wool / 10% spandex
  • modern fit
  • Marine
  • Jacket lapel collar
  • Without chest pocket
  • Knitwear casual
  • Noticably soft
  • Knitted to shape (fully fashioned)
  • Exact stitch count for each individual size
  • High degree of form stability
  • Low susceptibility to pilling
  • Machine washable
  • Stylish contemporary cut
  • Winter


OLYMP Knitwear – Wear and care tips

• Always wash similar colours and the same materials together, i.e. whites separately from coloureds, cotton separately from wool.
• Fasten any buttons and zips and turn the garments inside out to protect the fibres on the outside.
• Always follow the care instructions on the label.
• It is preferable to wash knitted items on a machine wool wash cycle, even if it is recommended to wash by hand. In this way the washing temperature can be precisely controlled, detergents ideally dispensed and the mechanical load reduced. If the care label indicates hand washing, set the wash cycle to cold, i.e. to less than 30 degrees Celsius.
• Only fill the drum of the washing machine up to a third. This will improve the wash result/washing performance and protect the garments.
• Only use a wool detergent for woollens – the greater foam build-up protects against mechanical influences and counteracts felting or roughening of the surface. For cottons, use a fine detergent.
• Liquid detergent is preferable to powder, as it dissolves better and is easier to rinse out. Use the detergent sparingly in accordance with the dosage instructions, as otherwise it may not wash out completely and damage the fibres. Avoid additional fabric softener.
• Only spin for a short time.
• After washing, pull the garments into shape and dry flat. Do not dry in the tumble dryer! Also avoid drying in direct sunlight or on the radiator, in order to prevent formation of stains, fading and fibre breakage.
• To counteract shine or felting, only iron inside out, on the middle temperature setting and with plenty of steam.
• Always wash or clean garments before storing them for prolonged periods of time.
• Regularly dust wardrobes and wipe them out with a damp cloth.
• Do not use drawer liner!
• As a basic principle, only place dry clothing in the wardrobe.
• Place cedar wood balls, lavender bags, moth paper or moth traps specially designed for clothing (available from drugstores) in the wardrobe. Now and again roughen up the cedar wood with sand paper. Take care when using mothproofing agents that these conform to human-ecological standards.

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