OLYMP Pocket square, 33x33 cm, Marine

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OLYMP Pocket square, 33x33 cm, Marine
Men wearing OLYMP know: a stylish pocket square upgrades your fashionable office look to business class. This exquisite piece of silk from OLYMP features a finely structured, two-tone thread and wows you with its particularly impressive lustre. The high-quality workmanship with hand-rolled edges will mean plenty of enjoyment and the stain-resistant finish will accompany you during each and every eventful day in OLYMP. In a classic 33 x 33 cm square shape.
  • Marine

Material composition

  • Material:   100% Silk


OLYMP pocket squares - Wear and care instructions

• OLYMP pocket squares have a BIONIC-FINISH® ECO which provides increased protection against dirt and stains. In many cases,  aqueous substances such as coffee or wine can simply be shaken or dabbed off the pocket square, without any marks being left behind.
• Stubborn stains can be removed using a soft cloth soaked in spirit or cleaner's solvent. Please note that the stain should be removed by carefully dabbing the fabric and not by rubbing.
• Dry cleaning can be an option, but only as a very last resort.
• When travelling, the pocket square can be transported in a special case/box placed in the spaces between the individual garments or in the collars of shirts.