OLYMP Level Five Polo, body fit, Cobalt

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Casual. Body fit.


The material and design must be in perfect harmony to create that special feeling in OLYMP. Amongst men in OLYMP, this classic is always very popular. OLYMP Level Five presents the ultimate polo: a cobalt coloured sophisticated piqué fabrics in 100% cotton and featuring the finest twist quality. The polo shirts are easy care, minimum wrinkle, non-pilling and extremely comfortable. For that special OLYMP feeling.
  • OLYMP Level Five Polo
  • Casual. Body fit.
  • Material: Cotton 96%, Elastane 4%
  • body fit
  • Cobalt
  • Polo collar
  • Easy-care
  • Shape-retaining
  • Side vents
  • Body fit
  • Spring


OLYMP Level Five Polo shirts

• Always wash white and coloured garments separately.
• To preserve the brightness of colours, we recommend that you use a detergent which is specially formulated for coloured or delicate fabrics. Only use an all-purpose detergent for whites.
• Always check the care label of the garment and follow the washing instructions.
• Turn the polo shirt inside out.
• After washing, the polo shirt should be hung immediately on a clothesline and pulled into shape.
• The polo shirt is not suitable for drying in a tumble dryer.
• You can easily iron the polo shirt once it is dry (but always inside out). Avoid using an overheated iron (maximum 2 points) and keep in mind that the set temperature may vary noticeably from the actual ironing temperature.

  • pflegeleicht-30
  • nicht-bleichen
  • nicht-im-trockner
  • nicht-heiss-buegeln
  • professional-dry-dont