OLYMP focuses on shirts that have the wearing comfort of a T-shirt

31.08.2020 OLYMP focuses on shirts that have the wearing comfort of a T-shirt

Apparel specialist launches shirt line made of elastic jersey material

OLYMP Bezner KG from Bietigheim-Bissingen (Ludwigsburg district, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany) is launching the OLYMP 24/SEVEN DYNAMIC-FLEX-JERSEY-ALL-TIME-SHIRT. With this new product that is as comfortable as a T-shirt and stylish as a shirt, the apparel specialist is reacting to changing consumer wearing habits. The breathable, quick-drying, elastic, easy-iron and odour-inhibiting material properties make the OLYMP Jersey Shirt a versatile clothing product that perfectly reflects the spirit of the times.

The demands placed on fashion by consumers are subject to constant change. Contemporary clothing products must adapt to changing requirements, be multifunctional, highly versatile and suitable for wearing at different occasions. The boundaries between product ranges and dress codes are increasingly merging as part of casualisation, meaning that traditional conventions are dissolving. While even traditional business assortments cannot escape the influence of a loosening of dress codes, product specialist OLYMP has diversified considerably in recent years, not only into casual leisure and less formal smart business shirts, but also into sweaters, T-shirts, sweatshirts and polo shirts.


Mark Bezner, owner and CEO of OLYMP Bezner KG, explains: “Even in the age of teleworking and video conferencing, the shirt has lost none of its importance as a fundamental component of the contemporary male wardrobe. However, as a result of the new market conditions, especially those styles that have attributes such as wearing comfort, sustainability, durability or versatility in their use are becoming increasingly popular with consumers.” The focus of the latest collection developments is therefore the modernisation of the business shirt, which will now be introduced in autumn 2020 with the OLYMP 24/Seven Jersey Shirts. The established shirt lines OLYMP Luxor, OLYMP Level Five and OLYMP No. Six already offer numerous variants in jersey quality.


Jersey is a soft, stretchable fabric which is created by stitch formation, meaning that it is not woven, but knitted. Jersey is therefore by definition a knitted fabric. The name “jersey” originated presumably from the largest of the Channel Islands that bears the same name, which was an important exporter of all types of textile products in the Middle Ages. Whilst woven fabric is produced by interlacing two yarn systems, knitted fabric is produced by the intermeshing of loops. Jersey fabrics are often made from blended fibres. Various compositions of natural and synthetic fibres are used. When combined with elastane, a so-called stretch jersey is produced. This is not only stretchable, but also flexible and is therefore able to return to its original state.


OLYMP has developed this coveted jersey material into a premium quality for men’s shirts. It is particularly distinguished by its fine threading as well as the optimum mixing ratio of 92 percent cotton and eight percent elastane, guaranteeing excellent shape retention – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, around the clock.



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