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Black shirts from OLYMP

Cool versatility - from stylish and elegant to sporty and casual

Men in OLYMP don’t look on the black side. However, they do make one exception when it comes to their wardrobe. When the occasion is right, they’ll wear a black shirt. They know that this darkest of colours is the epitome of elegance and places the spotlight firmly on sophistication. If you want to showcase your flair for style, black will never let you down. For this reason, the colour black can be found in the OLYMP collections season after season, and of course in all of its product ranges.


Those who find the all-over black look - black from head to toe - a little too dark, can add an interesting dimension to this colour scheme by combining different fabrics and patterns. The skill lies in combining different intensities of one colour to create a harmonious overall look. The classic black and white combination also has exceptional visual appeal.


What’s more, Men in OLYMP don’t just have the choice of one black shirt. With a choice of different designs, collars and cuts, the individual OLYMP collections offer a whole variety of options to suit every taste. The non-iron and wrinkle-free shirts in the OLYMP Luxor range showcase some stunning looks in black, whilst the tapered slim fit ranges OLYMP Level Five body fit and OLYMP No. Six super slim are just as appealing. The premium shirt OLYMP SIGNATURE is no less impressive. All of these ranges introduce a fashionably cool look into the realms of office wear which otherwise tends to be monotonous and very uniform. The stylish leisure shirts OLYMP Casual and OLYMP Level Five also ensure that the focus still remains firmly on stylish fashion from five to nine. Depending on the collection, the shirts are non-iron and wrinkle-free or easy-iron and easy-care. However, they all have one thing in common: exceptional comfort. Even after a long day, your shirt will still be comfortable to wear.


Therefore, not only does this fashionable and universal colour impress in terms of its fascinating appearance, but also in terms of its technical properties. The exceptional visual appeal and unique variety of styling options make the black shirt a definite must-have in the wardrobe of every style-conscious man.