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White shirts from OLYMP

Classic all-rounders for business, leisure and formal occasions

Men in OLYMP are known for their elegance. When fashion-conscious gents want to make a stylish appearance, there’s no beating a classic white shirt. Not only because it goes so well with virtually every garment, but also because nothing exudes more style, confidence and class that an immaculate white shirt. And in every context - in the business environment, at leisure and at social events.


This is all to do with symbolism. And psychology. For a long time, a pure white shirt reflected the social status of a man who did not have to carry out a physically demanding job or a job that would spoil his clothing. And who could perhaps even wear a fresh shirt every day. Much has been written about the effect that the colour white can have. A white shirt radiates a sense of formality. And a sense of purity and clarity, which can bring out the best in any man’s appearance. This is what makes a white shirt so interesting for any look. It provides the perfect backdrop on which to build a specific look - creating the right impression whatever the occasion. And this is one of the many reasons why this classic - preferably a fashionable one from OLYMP - is always on trend and is an essential element in the wardrobe of every style-conscious man. One white shirt is simply not enough, as it’s the perfect garment for so many different occasions.


Here, the collar is the main element that sets the tone of the outfit. The cutaway and button-down styles reflect a sporty character, whilst the different variations of Kent collar are perfect for wearing with a dark blue blazer in the office. A particularly elegant look can be created by combining a tab collar with a dark tie. The white shirt also exudes exceptional elegance and class on formal occasions. It effortlessly radiates style and sophistication. If the dress code stipulates black tie then the gala shirt is essential.


What’s more, the individual collections such as OLYMP Luxor, OLYMP Level Five, OLYMP Tendenz and OLYMP Casual not only offer a full range of collar designs, but also a wide range of cuts to suit every man. From a body fit or super slim cut right through to a slightly looser comfort fit or regular fit style, men in OLYMP are guaranteed to find their perfect shirt. Men with an athletic physique who like to wear highly tapered shirts will find the super slim OLYMP No. Six ideal for them.


The premium range OLYMP SIGNATURE with its tailored cut is available in single sizes, in contrast to the other models which are generally available in double sizes. This means that the shirt fits perfectly - as if tailor-made.