Collar – but no tie

How to look stylishly casual at the office
The summer business dress code can often become a heated topic of discussion. Can you discard the jacket when it gets too warm? And what is acceptable wear for casual Fridays? Do you want to take the opportunity to dress down – and escape the pitying glances your colleagues give to their suited co-workers? If so, you have a number of options. Here we've chosen two for you.
A class above the usual piqué polo: More sophisticated, more refined and more comfortable on the skin. The knit polo in muted blue complements chinos to form the classic blue and beige combination that never goes out of fashion. Plus sneakers, preferably tone-in-tone with the trousers. You've now perfectly demonstrated your competence in matters of style.
A short-sleeve shirt combines well with chinos and matching sneakers. Figure-hugging – and definitely tieless. For all its understatement, the fresh mint tone is a real eye-catcher and shows that you understand casual fashion.