Home office styles

Tips for the home office. And for home after work.
The right look for work. Even if your office is only a few steps away.
What should you wear for the home office? There are a few approaches here. We strongly advise that you steer well away from the combination of sports jacket and joggers. Work is not just about video conferences.
Our tip: dress casually and comfortably - but above all with style. Psychologists know that how you look on the outside has a positive influence on how you feel on the inside.
There are several options. Here are three outfits that create a great look for work and also allow you to move effortlessly from business to leisure.



A plain, but high quality, well-fitting pullover is always an option. In muted colours for business and, where appropriate, also worn with jeans. After Work - with a glass of wine in your own kitchen.


The All-Time shirts in the 24/Seven range are made from Dynamic Flex Jersey that is breathable, extremely stretchable, absorbs body odour, dries quickly and is easy to iron.  As comfortable as a T-shirt, as stylish as a shirt - and therefore your first choice for the home office.

Knitwear in a variety of combinations.


A knitted jacket really is multitalented. When it’s worn open, it can dress up a simple T-shirt. And it can dress down a shirt to create a more casual look. It is also extremely comfortable and cosy. A definite must-have item in your autumn wardrobe.