Menton is one of the French Riviera’s best-kept secrets! Just a stone’s throw away from the Italian border, this charming coastal town is less touristy and has a provincial feeling to it. The quaint and relaxing atmosphere is a perfect setting for a typical French morning ritual. As the rays of sunshine slowly reach over the rooftops, what better way to start off the day than by drinking a café au lait whilst enjoying a delicious croissant.


If you feel a little adventurous, why not try one of the specialties of Menton, such as a Limoncello Baba, a cake soaked in lemon liqueur instead of rum. The climate in Menton enjoys the most hours of sunshine in France and is ideal for growing citrus fruits. There is even a festival in February, which celebrates these yellow and orange delights.
The inspiration for the key print in this theme is provided by the spectacular view of the pastel-coloured houses that cascade down from the hilltop onto the shores of the Plage Sablettes as the sun is slowly warming up the morning air. The Menton house print is part of the seasonal NOS selection, along with a lightly structured fabric in white, light blue and navy.