In the 16th Century, Antwerp was an affluent and thriving powerhouse for trade. And, wherever the patrons went, art would follow. In the heart of Antwerp, you can find the home of one of the greatest artists of his time, Peter Paul Rubens. Rubens acquired the property in 1610 and spent the rest of his life there.
Rubens preferred to paint portraits and landscapes, being influenced in his work by the time he spent in Italy. His famous painting “Madonna on Floral Wreath” provides the inspiration to our key flower print.
Like a Rubens painting, our twill fabrics are rich in colour and structure. The fine double twisted yarns used create a brilliant lustre and exquisite finish. Extra fine Merino wool, with a spray-painted exterior surface that creates a casual look, gives our Autumn sweaters a truly unique appearance featuring vibrant colours that harmonise perfectly with the shirt collection.
The famous Grote Markt is nestled in the historical part of Antwerp surrounded by beautiful Flemish Renaissance buildings. This is where you can find the Stadhuis, the city hall, along with numerous guild houses. All of these buildings are steeped in a rich history.