Know what. And how.

Combining a shirt with knitwear is like many things in life:
the idea in itself is anything but new – but, if done properly, something special is created. 
It’s a perfect match – shirts and knitwear
For instance: a pair of corduroy trousers in a natural shade and a lightly structured shirt that shines through from underneath a high-quality, contemporary pullover. Keeps you warm, is comfortable and shows good fashion sense. But like we said: pay attention to the quality and look of the individual components!


The whole is cooler than the sum of its parts
Who would have thought that the half-zip sweater, combined with a classic down waistcoat, would become one of the looks of the season? Also true in this case: it’s the combination that does it. And the fit: well-fitting – casual, but not loose – with a shirt underneath. So far, so stylish...almost. Particularly important for this look is a fashion underdog that, in its supporting role, usually ranks somewhere between basic and accessory: the sock. It must be classically muted, coarsely knitted and clearly visible. It gives the outfit that all-important twist.