Stylish looks that lift the spirits

Who says winter has to be the dark time of the year? But dark can still mean invigorating. With a business wardrobe that showcases dark tones with confident and cool style, November through to January will be a season to celebrate. Leave the classic white, light blue and coloured prints behind and go for dark colours that exude a creative appeal of their very own.
When it comes to different combinations, you can’t really get much wrong. But you can get a whole lot right. One option is to combine basics in muted colours from the same colour group. Those who like a very fashionable and modern look go for tone-on-tone. A garment with a small pattern softens the overall look and introduces a little lightness into the outfit.


Whatever option you go for - make sure it’s dark. And don’t worry - contrary to popular opinion, this type of look is guaranteed to cheer you up on rainy days. It shows that you take things as they come. Live life to the full, in a relaxed way.