A date with fashion

Be stylish on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day isn’t a day like any other. And that should also be expressed in your outfit – on any type of date. 

Casual Coffee Date – the perfect first date Date

For a casual coffee date, stay as chilled as possible – no matter if it’s a blind date or a first date. However, as the name suggests, casual in any event. In the choice of location, and particularly with the outfit: a well-groomed OLYMP Level Five Casual shirt, with jeans or chinos. – Still five minutes! The tension rises.

Action date – we’ve already known each other for a little while

To begin with, the action date requires the right activity. A bit of movement, a bit of (dance)floor – a perfect combination! Like bowling, for instance. In terms of choosing the right clothing combination, it should be noted that sports outfits don’t really hit the mark here. In this case, freedom of movement means light chinos or a jogging pant, an OLYMP T-shirt, ideally a plain one, and a matching OLYMP zipper sweater with a college collar. Touch wood!

Dinner date – the classic couple’s date

The classic outfit is naturally in for a dinner date. But don’t exaggerate – otherwise it will look stiff. An OLYMP Shirt – white always goes, though a little pattern comes across more casually – with one to two buttons undone and an OLYMP waistcoat over the top – for a good, tailored fit which isn’t too long. Remember to book seats in good time!