Traditional costume collection

    Traditional costume collection

    Anticipated for ages, it’s finally genuine tent party season again!

    If you go to a festival in an OLYMP checked shirt, you’ll always look great. You may have already worn one for a festival and can always choose to wear one again. 

    However, we are now daring to introduce a new look which at first glance appears revolutionary but is actually a fashionable update of the traditional style. Once you catch a glimpse of one, you’ll be in a hurry to get your own! OLYMP’s traditional shirt – in white with a stand-up collar – exudes coolness and relaxation in equal measure.

    Combine it with an OLYMP waistcoat that – with its traditional feel – finally makes our desire come true again for a bit of “cheers!” and tradition as in extravagant past festival seasons.

    Those after an even more unconventional interpretation of a typical folk festival outfit can simply turn to one of our extremely casual OLYMP T-shirts. These shirts have a really strong print motif and can be combined in a variety of ways to create a proper traditional style.