Top of the class!

Prom 2017

Today, the Prom is THE EVENT, an outstanding gala at which everyone wants to be radiant in the very best outfit. The perfect companion is the OLYMP No. Six Shirt. The slim, figure-hugging cut represents modern coolness. Combined with a bow tie as a slick, fresh detail. In combination with simple, hip sneakers, an age-appropriate yet stylish outfit for a great evening.

A modern interpretation of the school prom

by Richy

Your outfit – where did you get your inspiration?

I wanted to keep the prom outfit really classic and as elegant as possible. Of course, the tie has to match the dress of my prom partner. The prom outfit is a little more relaxed and the basic idea is similar to the look worn by Justin Bieber in the May 2016 edition of GQ. Here there’s deliberately no tie and no socks as the ball is more of a party.

What are your dos and don’ts when it comes to the styling for the prom ball?

You should definitely wear a suit. It is essential that this fits well and doesn’t look like something that’s worn at a confirmation. Then add the right pair of shoes and you can’t go wrong.


Tie or bow tie?

I’m quite simply a tie man. I think it’s hard not to look like an ice cream seller when you wear a bow tie.

What are your plans for afterwards?

I’m going to try to travel as much as possible and look after my blog. But of course that requires money. I’ll study later!


What’s your favourite style of collar?

I’m a fan of the cutaway collar. It’s modern, sleek and always looks good whether it’s worn with or without a tie and regardless of the type of knot.