Beat the Heat!

New OLYMP Business Editions
Summer is wonderful, but before you can head down to the beer garden where the atmosphere is relaxed and casual, it’s still business as usual.
The new OLYMP summer collections demonstrate how you can stay cooler in the office, even in 30 degrees.
1. Roll up your sleeves:  
This summer with floral prints and new checks, mainly in bicolour and multicolour fine structures. Abandon the tie and roll up your sleeves!
2. Shirts are not obligatory:
On days when temperatures are soaring, an OLYMP polo shirt provides the ideal solution.
3. Choose lightweight fabrics:
LLightweight fabrics help make the day more fluid. In addition, they are sufficiently casual to save themselves from moving before the beer garden visit. Or just leave the socks off.
... or just leave the socks off.