Style Diary by Daniel Toni Jais

I use my blog to pursue my passion and my hobby!
The great thing about my social media platforms is that I can share my creativity as well as my art and ideas with other people.
It’s such amazing fun and helps me to develop further in every respect.
How would you describe your style - what characterises your style?  
My looks are mainly kept very simple and this is what I also find exciting when I’m creating new looks! Using simple pieces to conjure up exciting outfits.  
What is your absolute favourite item in the current OLYMP collection?
My favourite piece of the current season is the “OLYMP No. Six super slim long sleeve urban Kent” in white”. You really can wear it for any occasion and with its modern cut, it’s still perfect for combining with my street style clothes.
What are the key pieces in your wardrobe?
The absolute keep piece in my wardrobe is a pair of black jeans, you just can’t be without them.
What’s your personal styling tip for showcasing a shirt to perfection?

This varies from shirt to shirt. Currently, I sometimes like to tuck my shirt into my trousers in the classic style. I leave 3-4 buttons undone and roll long sleeves up a bit. Combined with a chain and wristbands, this creates a super casual summer look!

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