Shirts with a feel-good factor

If you don’t believe it, you have to feel them
When things really start heating up in the office and timeframes are tight, Men in OLYMP reach for shirts made from slub yarns (which accompany their wearers through thick and thin), super-elastic stretch material (leaves plenty of room) or a cool linen fabric (provides the necessary cooling).
OLYMP no. six super slim – the very heavily tapered and body-hugging business shirt for super-slim men is now available in a super-elastic variant. The perfect combination of cotton, polyamide and elastane offers unmatched freedom of movement.
The English term slub describes yarns that have irregular thicknesses. The unique effect created by the interweaving of these so-called flame yarns creates a special feel and a distinctive look.
With its characteristic crease formation and silky matt sheen, the flax fibre creates a casual look. The cool feel and high breathability guarantee as well that it is exceedingly comfortable to wear, even in high temperatures.