The collar makes all the difference

Smart Standing Collars

Retro is still in fashion. The shirt with a standing collar is a classic that is now making a comeback in casual wear.
A smart look which always cuts a fine figure with shorts or chinos, without looking overdressed. The ideal weekend outfit for a beach party or a barbie.
Trendy double collar
You’ll be right in fashion this season with the hip double collar.
The colourful contrast of the two collar layers creates a sporty-casual look with a high coolness factor. 
 Casual Polo Collars

The relaxed collar without inserts creates the casual look of the polo shirt. The perfect accompaniment for lazy summer days.
Summery Reverse Collars
Light leisure shirts with reversible collars are the perfect summer style, especially in pastel stripes or floral prints.
Combined with jeans and sneakers, this casual collar shape is not only a wonderful retro-homage, but also a trendy eyecatcher.