by Konstantin Krayer


In an interview the German lifestyle blogger Konstantin Krayer talks about his trip to Iceland.


What are your travel essentials?

Clearly, my camera and my laptop. I’d be lost without them :D.


 Suitcase or holdall? Hand luggage?

 It depends on whether I’m travelling by car or plane. When I’m travelling by car it’s usually a holdall and when I’m flying the obvious choice is a suitcase.


What did you really like/not like about Iceland?

I really loved the nature. There are so many peaceful and unspoiled spots in Iceland which are simply breathtakingly beautiful.




 Essential item you cannot leave the house without?

 My mobile. I hope I’m not the only one who immediately thinks of this :D.


What’s the song you’ve played the most on your March playlist?

James Hersey – Miss you


 Favourite drink? Favourite Netflix series? Favourite food? Favourite emoji?

 gin & tonic, Suits, Pizza, <3



 Fashion must-haves this summer?

 White sneakers. They can be combined perfectly with everything. With a shirt, T-shirt, short or long trousers.


What item of clothing always looks good?/What’s your standard look?

Everyone should have a pair of black jeans in their wardrobe :). They can be combined perfectly with a white shirt and also with a T-shirt or hoodie.


What’s your favourite style of collar? Does it depend on the occasion?

The button-down. I think it looks best when the collar lies flat rather than sticks out. It also suits my casual look the best.




 The Northern Lights in Iceland

 Seeing this natural phenomenon with my own eyes is one of the most incredible things in my life. After a journey of about 2 hours in the off-road Jeeps, we’d given up hope of seeing the northern lights. That is, until one of the drivers jumped out of the Jeep and immediately started taking pictures with his camera. At first, we didn’t know what was happening. Until he started hauling us all out of the Jeep. Capturing the northern lights with my camera was one of the highlights of this trip.


Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach is an overwhelming experience. We were fortunate to have a travel guide who kept us away from all tourist spots. We were therefore able to really immerse ourselves in the breathtaking nature of Black Sand Beach. The beach with its jet-black sand and thundering waves is a unique experience.


Skógafoss Waterfall

The Skógafoss is an impressive waterfall in the south of Iceland. It’s situated in the Rangárþing eystra at the foot of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano. The Skógafoss is the emblem of Iceland. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to discover many bars or restaurants. We had a really strict programme which left us hardly any time for this :D.