Revolution in OLYMP  

Festivals without checks, but with plenty of style
If you go to a festival in an OLYMP checked shirt, you’ll always look great. You may have already worn one for a festival and can always choose to wear one again. 
Combine this with the OLYMP waistcoat which has a paisley pattern on the back, and features a material combination of velvet on the front and printed silk on the back, to create a very contemporary interpretation of a traditional look.
 However, we are now daring to introduce a new look which at first glance appears revolutionary but is actually a fashionable update of the traditional style. Once you catch a glimpse of one, you’ll be in a hurry to get your own! The OLYMP “Tracht” shirt has fine stripes, as well as stylish collars and cuffs that are embellished on the inside. And with a stand-up collar which exudes a look which is both cool and casual. 
Und mit Stehbund, der gleichermaßen Coolness und Lockerheit ausstrahlt.