Time for vacation – with Richy in Majorca

 The perfect beach outfit


My personal style favourite: plain swimming shorts teamed up with a short-sleeved shirt featuring a summer print. This creates the perfect look and demonstrates a truly confident style even on the beach.
City Style

Even when you’re on a classic beach holiday, it’s always great to spend a day in the city, sightseeing and enjoying a stroll. Here, swimming shorts are best left in the suitcase. A pair of linen trousers provides the perfect basis for this look. I like to combine these with a polo shirt. With this look you’ll never be under or overdressed!
The dinner Outfit 

What could be better than dinner with a loved one and then a walk on the beach? My style tip for the perfect evening outfit: a light summer suit combination. Either with a plain T-shirt and pocket square or with a shirt for the classic look. There are so many possibilities. With the perfect look, the evening will belong to you!

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