Smart casual meets business casual 

Written and worn by our man in OLYMP Maximilian Arnold

 My name is Maximilian Arnold, I come from Bremen and since 2014 I have been a digital content creator focusing on classic menswear. Towards the end of 2013, I made my passion for fashion into my profession. My motto: Do what you really want in life and what makes you happy, because only then will you give it 100%.

Dresscode Smart casual

When you’re looking for the perfect outfit in a smart casual look, the first question you need to ask is: What clothing type am I? Do I like to wear flamboyant clothes or not? Would I like to show off my style with colours or would I prefer to impress with a simple and classic look?

Here are two versions of my interpretation of smart casual. With the first version I have chosen a suit/trainer combination, but I’m sticking with the colour dark blue and I’m wearing a shirt from the new OLYMP Level Five Smart Business collection. We’re also staying relatively smart here with the suit and giving the whole look a casual touch with the white sneakers.



Smart Casual – Try it and you will love it!


The second version is a white shirt combined with a dark blue blazer, grey chinos. Here, we’re staying smart thanks to the white shirt and the sports jacket, but we’re creating a casual effect with the more informal grey chinos and the shirt, which is worn over the trousers.


Dresscode business casual

At more informal occasions such as a business brunch or a more casual reception, as well as business trips, internal meetings and Casual Fridays, things are more relaxed than usual, but not too relaxed. A full leisure look is it still not appropriate here as these occasions still involve meetings in a business context. Coloured shirts are suitable for men, and button-down collars are also a good option instead of cutaway collars, with polo shirts, fine knitted pullovers and linen trousers offering alternatives. The tie can remain in the wardrobe. When it comes to footwear, men can also wear loafers or slip-ons - this isn’t inconsistent with the casual look.

Outfits choice

Here I’ve chosen a light blue shirt with a pattern from the new OLYMP Level Five Smart Business collection, it's not a classic business shirt and a more casual look is created with the pullover worn around the neck.
Despite everything, I stick to the rules of business trousers in black, along with socks and loafers, so I don’t abandon the business theme completely.