working from home @OLYMP


Let´s take a look inside our home offices and see Watch with us how OLYMP employees set up their home offices, what their essentials are, learn about their routines and how they feel about the new reality.
This app is the one I use the most:
What’s App video-call, Instagram and recently TikTok (by the way: addiction potential)
My recommendation for lunch:
Avocado toast with a fried egg. Super tasty and so easy to make..
What do you miss in everyday life without your team?
We usually take a walk during our lunch breaks together – I really miss that! And of course the personal contact with my colleagues.
My recommendation for in-between snack cravings:
You can have a handful of nuts or sometimes a cookie ;) 
What do you miss in everyday life without your team?
The team breakfast and the personal contact with my colleagues
What are the advantages of the home office for you?
 The new flexibility of my daily schedule, the time saving aspect there is no distraction and clearly – sweatpants!
What are your three essential must-haves for a successful home office day?
My three absolute home office must-haves are fresh flowers,
a healthy breakfast (preferably porridge)

and my notebook with all the important to-do's.