Discovering Mallorca with Dennis, Matthias, Jens & Ruben

A perfect late summer getaway

From the beautiful old town of Palma and lonely beaches over to a great selection of restaurants and bars.
Mallorca has so much to offer. And of course we would like to share the highlights of the guys‘ trip with you.
But be careful as wanderlust might kick in while reading.
What are your favorite restaurants and bars on the island?
We tried some great restaurants during the trip. One of them in the center of Palma is called Ombu. They serve tapas, but in a very modern way and not only Spanish ones. They have for example tapas of Pad Thai.

Another great restaurant is Serendipity. They serve Italian food. Their bruschettas are the best.

The last night we went to Bar Cuba. It’s a hotel with a club/bar on the ground floor. Our tip: For drinks with a great view you should go to the rooftop. They serve the best cocktails in town. It’s a bit pricy, but it’s worth a visit when you’re in Palma.

Oh and by the way, don’t forget to drink sangria during your stay in Mallorca.
What to wear on a night out in Mallorca?
My favourite OLYMP shirt is actually a classic white one from the product line OLYMP SIGNATURE. It doesn’t need a lot of ironing, which is great on holidays or traveling abroad. I love wearing it with beige pants and a pair of loafers.

The printed shirt is one of my favorites as well, definitely for warmer and more tropical destinations. I combined it with white sneakers, beige pants, a white undershirt and some silver bracelets and necklaces.
Which beach did you like best?
A magnificent beach to go to is Ca’s Patro March. It’s a hidden one with a tough road to get there. There’s a high rock of which you can jump into the sea. A great experience, but scary as well!

On your way there you will probably pass Deia, a small village close to the sea where you can have a great late lunch afterwards.

Nevertheless, Mallorca has many great and hidden beaches, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to explore all of them.
How would you describe the Majorcan style in general?
The style in Spain and Mallorca is pretty classic combined with a laid-back attitude. For example white or colored shirts, with light-blue or dark denim pants and a pair of sneakers.

Discovering Mallorca

Restaurant „Ombu“

Passeig del Born 5-7
07012 Illes Balears

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Restaurant „Serendipity“

Carrer del Sol
07001 Illes Balears

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Bar „Cuba“

Carrer de Sant Magi 1
07013 Illes Balears

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Strand „Ca’s Patro March“

Carrer Sa Cala Deia 16
07179 Spanien

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