Afterwork date dressing

One look, two different occasions by Matthias Geerts
It’s Friday, the last workday of the week and you have a first date straight after work. Unfortunately, you do not have enough time to swing by at home but you do not want to show up in a too formal look at your dinner date.
What do you actually wear on a first date? As an experienced menswear blogger and stylist, I can tell you to not overthink your look. 
Be yourself but in a well thought-out way. When you do not have the time to change outfits between both occasions you will definitely have to think things through.

Pick a different color than white or blue for your last day of work. This way you will not have that typical office look at your date and you will still be able to look very professional at work.


Pick a nice suit for work, I would opt for a pinstriped one. This looks very formal with a blazer at work, but as soon as you take if off for your date it looks very casual.

 Button down two buttons, roll up your sleeves, leave your blazer in the car and you will look way more casual.
Wear some accessories around your wrist, a decent watch and a bracelet or a cuff. Those small details will complete your casual look.
My main advice, you can never go wrong with a formal shirt, this will give you a confident apparel and you will come across as a neat and successful man. If you were wearing a tie for work, remove it and button down one or two buttons.