Since 2017, Gerard Butler has been OLYMP’s brand ambassador and representative of the values from which OLYMP products are created: integrity, independence and the highest standards.
Gerard Butler also embodies OLYMP’s new brand claim MY STYLE. MY STATEMENT.
This slogan communicates our brand identity and the promise that, with OLYMP products, not just a sense of style is exuded, but also an inner confidence.
And, last but not least, Gerard Butler is the patron of a very special OLYMP-BEZNER-STIFTUNG aid programme, in collaboration with Breuninger.


The “Bikash” aid project in Bangladesh

“Bikash” means “to bloom” or “to prosper” in the Bengali national language. In the school of the same name in Bangladesh, poor, disabled and underprivileged children are assisted. Children who – without this school – would hardly have any chance of an education and thus a minimum quality of life.