André is 27, lives with his girlfriend Aline from Fashionzauber.com and his three tom cats Jerry, Tom and Paco in Berlin. Jerry and Tom were also the inspiration for his blog, giving their names to TOMmeezJERRY. It is here where he writes about his passion for fashion and lifestyle topics.

 Why Cuba exactly?

Cuba was a trip that came about through the Havana Club contract. This is no secret. All the same, Cuba had been on our travel wish list for a long time.


What did you particularly like about it?

The unique Cuban flair is definitely special. The country is caught between awakening and decline, and this combination makes it totally unique. What I found especially positive was the consistently good humour of the people. Absolutely all of them are super friendly and always in the best of moods.



How often do you travel?

Currently, very often, as it happens. Basically, Aline and I plan to visit a destination outside of Europe once a year, as part of our annual holiday. Added to this is the fact that I’m able to travel a lot at present thanks to the blogging. I’m more than happy about this and very grateful. This year, we already visited Bali at the turn of the year and Cuba in March. We’ve already planned the following for the coming months: Venice and Paris in April, London und Malaga in May, possibly London again in June and, in September, we’ve got New York and L.A. to come. I am certain that there’ll be more trips to add to these.


 Suitcase or travel bag?

A suitcase, no contest, and invariably hand luggage as well! Firstly, hand luggage only is regularly booked by the companies for the short trips to Paris or London. Secondly, I need a great deal of stowage space to fit everything in. I’m a totally methodical and organized person, with the result that I arrange everything in an ordered way in my case so as to produce as few creases as possible. That’s why only in an emergency is it a travel bag.


Do you have a trick for carrying shirts smoothly in a suitcase to your destination?

I fold my shirts up and place them between the towels (if I take any with me) or between other items, so that the shirts are well cushioned. Usually, I iron my shirts again in the hotel or have them ironed. Sadly, they hardly ever reach their destination entirely wrinkle-free.



 What do you never leave the house without?

My smartphone! One of the most important things of everyday use for me as a blogger. It sounds a bit scary somehow, but unfortunately that’s the way it is. Aline calls me an addict.


What’s the song you play the most on your March playlist?

Panda by Desiigner


Favourite drink? Favourite series? Favourite food? Favourite emoji?

Gin & tonic. Previously: The Walking Dead. At the moment, I hardly watch TV. Curry with rice noodles. The smile with the sunglasses.



Fashion must-haves this summer?

No contest: the combination of a classic white shirt, jeans and trainers. Laid-back, casual and still chic due to the shirt.


 What item of clothing can’t you go wrong with? What’s your standard look?

Oh yes! That’d be jackets. I have, I think, around 60–70 jackets at home and keep on collecting them. I’m especially taken by leather jackets.


What collar shape do you prefer to wear?

That really varies according to the occasion. For everyday business wear, I like the Kent collar a lot, as it’s really suitable for any knot and can also be worn with a bowtie. With casual shirts, I very much go for a button-down or another, smaller collar.