It’s exactly the spirit of the 1st wedding i’m going to have in Provence in July.
The best man 

I chose this outfit for my last wedding which was a more casual one. But I wanted to stay classy – I went for a light blue suit worn with an OLYMP SIGNATURE Tuxedo shirt.
Do you have a secret “ingredient” that always adds something special to the outfit?   

The flower Is that kind of a secret ingredient but can be too much sometimes. Otherwise, you can try to think about something that you won’t see on every men at the wedding. That is to say, you can try to go for a double-breasted jacket for instance. With that in mind, it’s just slight differences you go for but you don’t want to risk it too much.

What’s your favorite moment of a wedding? 
When you see the married ones saying the vows & going out from the church groom.