How will you celebrate New Year's Eve?

Either at home or with friends. We definitely won’t be going to a club, but instead will be welcoming in the New Year with traditional games and a small party at home. In the last few years, we’ve celebrated New Year at clubs in different countries, last year in Bali. This year, we want to be at home.




In which city would you like to celebrate New Year?

I would really like to spend New Year in Times Square in New York. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do. But unfortunately I haven’t managed to put this into action yet. I have celebrated in many European cities, but not in New York.


What are your preferred looks?

Firstly, a look that is casual and relaxed. With a shirt and bow tie, I’ll wear black jeans, black Chelsea boots and a satin bomber jacket. I think a bomber jacket in this material is perfect for New Year


My second look is a classic - quite literally. The dinner jacket! I really love a dinner jacket - and at the moment would happily wear one to every celebration. And of course, a bow tie and pocket handkerchief should be worn with a dinner jacket. The outfit is perfect for a stylish New Year’s Eve party.