The ups and downs of business and after work

OLYMP Level Five Smart Business


For a long time, the more casual look has been very popular in business. And, for this reason, you may think that the after-work outfit poses no real challenge.
However, just as the dress code in the business world varies from one sector to another, when it comes to the after-work hours, fashion aficionados will always ask themselves the question:
Dress up? Or dress down?

For the man who likes to dress well, it’s all down to the occasion. Smart is recommended for events that are a little more sophisticated. Such as restaurants, concerts or the theatre. Plus tie or bow tie, depending on the type of the event.  Braces are increasingly establishing themselves as a casual smart option. 





A less formal look is allowed in more relaxed contexts and environments. For a football evening, bar, cinema or post-workout beer. Men in OLYMP can exude distinctive style as well fashion flair with the business shirt and casual lines.


Both looks are great for (almost) any job, which means that the hassle of having to change after work is a thing of the past, just like fashion faux pas.