Working from home?

In times like these, it’s even harder to weigh up what’s the right or wrong thing in terms of what one talks or posts about. Many of our employees are already doing home office so as not to endanger themselves and their fellow human beings #stayathome. Your choice of clothes may be very different as well when working from home. 
Which homeoffice type are you?

Type 1: Classy as usual
Working from home but still not sacrificing a good look (at least from the waist upwards). The fabrics may be a little more relaxed though, as you can find with OLYMP Casual and OLYMP Level Five Smart Business.önnen Sie beherzt zu sportlich legeren Outfits greifen. 
Type 2: Easygoing
Is the camera off during online meetings? Then you can boldly turn to sporty, casual outfits. 

Music moves!

Hardly any other external stimulus can influence our mood as strongly and directly as music. Especially now, when it’s so difficult to think positively, music can bring us together.
It helps us stay motivated and guides us through the uncertainty of the coming days. Even when we’re physically separated, we’ve created playlists here that connect us musically.
You should definitely listen to them.