Dress like a professional

OLYMP provides the ideal looks for the relevant dress codes
The trend towards a more casual look is unstoppable and this is also apparent in workwear. In some sectors, certain trends depict a certain type of professional. These are not exactly dress codes, but styles of look. We’re presenting three of these, which all of course can be found at OLYMP.

Mr. Creative

Art directors, textile designers, photographers - almost everyone in the creative, advertising and fashion sectors focus on understatement, and have a preference for black. It’s not about selling yourself, but your ideas. Here the aim is to avoid any distractions.The absolute classic is the roll neck pullover - available in every OLYMP product range.

Mr. Finance

 He wears formal trousers - and a shirt that is fashionably on-trend. Patterns are an option and a tie is no longer obligatory. A sports jacket is always ready at hand. 
Even here there is scope for the new casual trend. A knitted sports jacket will be no less professional. What matters is that his clients feel they are in competent hands. With OLYMP, this is guaranteed.

Mr. IT

As contact with clients is rarely part of his daily agenda, he is free to express his fashion tastes and chooses elaborate shirt designs such as large prints - combined with jeans, preferably tone-on-tone, reflecting his confident style.