Another side to Cologne!

Everyone is familiar with the cathedral, the Rhine bridge with its countless love padlocks, and perhaps even the popular walking trail along the Rhine River. After a three-and-a-half month stay in Cologne, I discovered much more than just the typical tourist hotspots. Together with OLYMP, I set about discovering my favourite places and talking about them. 
Over this time, two streets came to become my favourites. I traverse them daily on my way to work, to meet friends, or to occasionally drink a coffee or enjoy a pizza for lunch.



The Ehrenstraße is my favourite street in Cologne. For me it’s a perfect place for taking photos, meeting up with friends, or attending to my countless organisational calls over a hearty lunch. This street offers a variety of shopping opportunities as well. Commercial shops, but also beautiful little boutiques are to be found here.

Here a number of bars are gathered together and they bring countless people of all ages together on the weekend to party. During the day my favourite café is located here. The WNDRFUEL is great during the day for dealing with all my emails and enjoying a superior cup of coffee while I work.