Düsseldorf - The Modern Man

Out and about in Düsseldorf with Daniel, Kosta and Sandro. The trio are real fashionistas, and are here to show you why you should be sure to visit Düsseldorf. They also give tips for the right combination of classic and cool styles.


Düsseldorf isn’t known as “The Fashion Capital of Germany” for nothing.
Is there a fashion style that is particular to Düsseldorf, and if so, what characterises it?

In contrast to Berlin, for example, Düsseldorf is less casual and more chic. People love wearing a relaxed shirt with chinos or a pair of jeans. Fashion here is closer to the styles that are worn by the people in in Hamburg and Munich.


What does Düsseldorf have that no other city in the world has? A secret tip...

Without a doubt, the best and most attractive shopping street in Germany and fantastic flair on a warm summer evening along the banks of the Rhine.



Where is the best place to be on a hot summer's day in Düsseldorf?

Definitely by the Rhine and in the lovely cafés along the Rhine promenade. There’s always a lot to do and see at the weekend there.



Do you have a style favourite?

(Daniel): Shoes... either boots, sneakers or chic shoes.


  Which song have you played the most in your May playlist?

(Kosta): Drake ft. French Montana - No Shopping


Favourite drink? Favourite TV series? Favourite food? Favourite emoji?

(Sandro): Coca Cola Zero, Dragonball, fennel salad, laughing smiley


  What would you wear on a first date?

(Kosta): A casual outfit that I felt good in. Not too many colours. Less is more ;)


  Which collar do you prefer? Does this vary according to the occasion?

(Sandro): Hai. However, you should choose collar depending on the outfit or occasion .


  What can't you leave the house without?

(Daniel): My mobile phone