It’s all about the collar

New collar styles which exude character

There are perhaps some men - or women - who consider the classic Kent collar to be a little outdated.
But never fear, at OLYMP we have a variety of other styles on offer which are perfect for the fashion-conscious man. 

College Collar

Example 1: the college collar. Originally, this style was a sign of being a member of a college or sports team.
Today, it is a sign of being a fashionista with contemporary, avant-garde flair.   

Polo collar

Example 2: the polo collar - originally seen on sporty leisure shirts, but now at OLYMP we are extending its versatility and also featuring it on classic shirts, in line with the trend towards more casual looks - relaxed, cool and on-trend. 



Example 3: the stand-up collar, which is already becoming a classic in summer. Buttoned-up for a contemporary, edgy look or worn with the collar slightly open as a statement of calculated nonchalance.


Example 4: the double collar. This style features two layers of fabric.
A simple design with a striking effect.