Hard fact: everything looks better with a stripe or two.

Theres no such thing as too many stripes

Quite clearly: Every fashion-conscious man has a range of striped shirts in the cupboard. Nevertheless, you’ll be won over by these new types of stripes. The newly interpreted stripes design comes in a contemporary look: From multicolour via abstract to cross striped. You’ll certainly find your personal favourite for the season!

Get you colours on!

Brighten up those cloudy days!

This gets you in the mood for summer: Brightly striped variants of green,
blue and pink in graduated shades immediately ensure cheerfulness!
Take these into the office and impart colour to your everyday life!

Today’s menu: the colourful stripe

Winter blues got you down? We can help

There’s an old wives’ tale that says horizontal stripes
make you look “fat”. But that doesn’t apply for the modern Travers striped shirts.
The intricate stripes are pleasing to the eye and are truly a fashionable statement.

This is not your standard stripe

Dare to be different

Who says that stripes must always be straight and continuous?
With this abstract stripe design you not only dare to be different but are also
fashionably at least one stripe ahead!

Stripes 2.0

Season favourites

As the newly interpreted stripes topic, fashionably placed
stripes on shirts are becoming increasingly popular. Especially in
the casual sector, the centrally placed block stripes bring colour
and freshness into play and make a stylish statement.