A sense of style despite the freezing cold

There's predictable. 
And there’s on-trend.
Even in the depths of winter.
Here’s how to stay stylish even when temperatures drop:
If you’d prefer a T-shirt with slightly longer sleeves - then we recommend the OLYMP long sleeve with buttons. Lightweight, stylish and always airy enough - sorted!
When the days feel lacklustre - then we recommend the OLYMP pullover with diamond patterns. Smart and casual (without a shirt worn underneath) when combined with jeans and sneakers - making the world look a whole lot better.
When classic cotton is no longer warm enough - then we recommend:
the OLYMP Level Five Smart Business shirt in cosy jersey
It feels great. It looks great too.
When a coarse knit pullover gets some disapproving glances in the office - then we recommend the OLYMP knitted sports jacket. No more objections from your boss or colleagues. Just envious looks and discreet questions about where you bought it. (Feel free to tell them!)