Palm Springs mit André und Konny Part 2
– let's get inspired


What's so special about Palm Springs?

 The city is located in the middle of the desert. Countless palm trees, green front yards and the mountain range in the background, makes the city something very special.
The nostalgic vibe that surrounds this city is just amazingly impressive. 

Fashion style

How would you describe the fashion style of Palm Springs?  
In Palm Springs you notice the casual Californian style. During the day, short-sleeve shirts, poloshirts and shorts characterise the look, while in the evening shorts are often replaced by long trousers because it cools down really quickly then.
What is your absolutely favourite piece in the current OLYMP Summer Collection?
Our absolutely favourite pieces are the polo shirt in beige and light blue and the shirts in yellow and blue. There are actually several, because we simply can’t and don’t want to commit ourselves to just one.