Palm Springs with André and Konny
– let's get inspired

What are your summer must-haves?  
Our must-haves for this summer are definitely pastel colours. In shirts and polo shirts, we’re focussing this year primarily on monochrome prints. Naturally the flower print has to be present this year but it moves into the background a bit in contrast to last season.
What styling tips do you have for the perfect holiday look?
Our styling tips for a holiday: during the day, a short sleeve shirt or polo combined with shorts, as it’s simply too warm at the moment to wear a linen shirt or trousers. In the evening you can then turn to a seersucker, long sleeve shirt — but still keeping the style airy and relaxed. And ideally introduce some colour into your look, such as mustard yellow or olive tones.
Phots by: Dominik.cee

... to be continued