Game, set and match

A classic newly interpreted

The sporty casual polo shirt was invented by the French tennis legend René Lacoste in the early 1930’s. Since then it has developed into a classic in men’s fashions. The high level of comfort when worn makes the polo shirt the ideal companion in the summer. In this season, polo shirts are once again absolutely on-trend. Newly interpreted in design and function with modern dyeing processes we present you with the most fashionable variants of this classic.

Old school – new style

California Dreamin’


 Cold-Garment-dyed – as if bleached by the sun and sea water

Summer, sun, gentle breeze and a thunderous swell on the Californian west coast: That’s what it feels like when you wear the new, light polo shirts. The special cold-garment-dyed process provides the polo shirt with a completely individual shade of colour. Despite the strong basic colour, such as pink or turquoise, the slightly washed out shade of colour flatters the complexion and looks discreet, light and modern.


Retro at its best


 Briefly dipped into a tiny pot of white paint

Inspired by the style of the 50’s and 60’s, OLYMP reinterprets the polo shirt anew and in a modern “Tipped Style”: with the typically fine white stripes on the collar and on the sleeves, as delicate as a thin brush stroke. A new look for a timeless classic.