Wintry blossom magic


A stylish appearance in winter shouldn’t be any less cool than the outside temperatures. Admittedly the colours may be quite subdued and reserved, but dullness comes across just as chilly as run-of-the-mill.
OLYMP Level Five is more daring in its colours, mixing together highly fashionable, warm floral accents with the inspiration of New York’s Central Park in winter — such as burnt orange. Which also allows a variety of combinations — and likewise attracts everyone’s gaze.
OLYMP Luxor looks to a solution that is as surprising as it is attractive – arranging classic blue and white shades into floral prints that are striking in fashion terms, yet subtle at the same time. For those who find that too daring by itself, it can be combined with a waistcoat or, in further gradations, with classic business tools such as dark blue trousers or Oxfords. Which makes for an unassailable appearance, even in more conservative milieus. Although it remains an eye-catcher, of course.