The perfect combination


Chris Glass loves to take notes and write ideas in his norebook. Therefore, the cuff of his shirt has to be adaptable to his movements. OLYMP SIGNATURE has the solution! Every OLYMP SIGNATURE cuff has a generously rounded edge. The button is deliberately positioned closer to the sleeve, enabling the cuff to adapt freely to arm movements and slip over the watch without the wearer feeling a thing – yet another example of additional comfort.

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Everybody has a different style and something that makes their style unique and recognizable. That’s exactly what SIGNATURE is and that’s exactly what OLYMP SIGNATURE focuses on. Chris Glass’ Signature is intentional. What is yours?

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Facial expressions say a lot about people. So do their clothing and style. OLYMP SIGNATURE offers a differentiated range of sizes, with each size cut and styled to individual dimensions. So you can add more elegance to your SIGNATURE. 

#olympsignature #mysignature #mensfashion