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Pay for your goods simply and easily using your PayPal account. 

As your bank or credit card details are stored by PayPal they do not need to be sent via the Internet every time you make an online purchase. This makes PayPal payments additionally secure.

Simple and easy – all it takes to pay is a couple of clicks. Once your bank or credit card details have been registered, PayPal stores them for future use, which means you don’t have to input them every time you make a purchase. 

Paying with PayPal is always free of charge for you as purchaser, and there are no set-up fees or standing charges.

Alternatively, you can also conveniently check out as a guest via PayPal and complete your purchase by direct debit or credit card.

- Open a PayPal account at

- Link this to a bank or credit card account. 

After choosing to pay by PayPal and confirming your order, you will automatically be forwarded to your PayPal account page, where you confirm the predefined payment amount. Once the transaction is complete you will receive confirmation by e-mail from both PayPal and OLYMP Digital KG.