OLYMP Undershirt, modern fit, White

from €25.95

Casual. Modern fit.



Almost invisible but very effective: As an inconspicuous basic under the shirt the white OLYMP T-shirt also withstands stress situations. The reinforced shoulder seam and stretchy neckband of OLYMP T-shirts guarantee high shape retention. A must-have, which should be a staple in every wardrobe. And a real understatement piece.
  • OLYMP Undershirt
  • Casual. Modern fit.
  • Material: Cotton 100%
  • modern fit
  • White
  • V-neck
  • T-shirt
  • Twin pack
  • Easy-care
  • Shape-retaining
  • Slightly tapered
  • Basic


OLYMP T-Shirts

• Always wash white and coloured garments separately. 
• To preserve the brightness of colours, we recommend that you use a mild detergent for coloured washes. All-purpose detergent should only be used for white washes. Please observe the care instructions on the label.
• Turn t-shirts inside out.
• After washing, you can hang the T-shirt to dry on the clothesline, pulling it into shape or drying it in the tumble dryer.
• Avoid using an overheated iron (maximum 1 point) and bear in mind that the set temperature may vary noticeably from the actual ironing temperature.

  • buntwaesche-60
  • nicht-bleichen
  • schonend
  • maessig-heiss-buegeln
  • professional-dry-dont