OLYMP signals its commitment to sustainability.

    OLYMP products are an expression of the highest quality as well as responsible conduct.

    With the OLYMP label GREEN CHOICE, we make this attitude visible and create sustainable values for people and the environment.


    When it comes to sustainability, we’ve already steered a very consistent course in recent years and have already made a great deal of progress. By 2025 at the latest, all our OLYMP products will bear the GREEN CHOICE label, meaning they will be made from more sustainable raw materials and manufactured in a more environmentally friendly way.


    In order to gain further momentum in the race against climate change, we will be acting even more decisively in the future and will continue to push the boundaries in terms of a responsible product range.


    For some time now, we have had the backing of professional sailor Boris Herrmann, who stands for environmental and climate protection like no other. This makes him an internationally respected and, moreover, extremely likeable sustainability ambassador. With "A Race We Must Win", Boris Herrmann has already written a clear sustainability message on his banner.

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    OLYMP: 100 percent GREEN CHOICE products by 2025

    At OLYMP we firmly believe in playing an active role in shaping changes. For this reason, we have set ourselves the objective of ensuring that all OLYMP products such as shirts, knitwear and sweat-wear, as well as accessories, will meet the GREEN CHOICE criteria by the year 2025. For the Autumn 2021 season, 43% of the OLYMP and OLYMP SIGNATURE collections, including accessories, already meet the GREEN CHOICE requirements. In our 2024 spring Collection, the figure is 84%.

    Sustainability at a glance.
    How you can recognise GREEN CHOICE products.

    The official OLYMP label GREEN CHOICE is a guide for those who want to dress both fashionably and responsibly – towards their own personal, sustainable clothing style.

    This is what GREEN CHOICE stands for

    All products that meet our sustainability requirements to a particular extent are given the GREEN CHOICE label. The demanding strategy behind it is based on two pillars: the use of sustainable materials and environmentally friendly processes. We use clear and transparent criteria to evaluate sustainability performance in the two categories. GREEN CHOICE products from OLYMP are thus demonstrably sustainable.

    Sustainable Materials

    GREEN CHOICE products are based on the use of sustainable materials. We draw on our entire range of materials – from plant fibres such as cotton and linen to synthetic and cellulose-based materials. As soon as the proportion of sustainable materials in a product reaches at least 50 percent, it receives the GREEN CHOICE label. Here we attach particular importance to the fact that the materials’ origin can be reliably traced back by means of certificates. At GREEN CHOICE, we rely primarily on the following standards:


    Organic cotton is found in various OLYMP Casual shirts and in varying proportions in individual knit and sweatwear garments, reliably verified via the Organic Content Standard (OCS).


    Lenzing's sustainable TENCEL™ fibres can be found in parts of our premium line OLYMP SIGNATURE, under OLYMP Luxor, OLYMP Level Five, and especially in our 24/Seven shirts under OLYMP Level Five Business and OLYMP No. Six as well as sweat articles under OLYMP Casual.

    Environmentally friendly production

    In addition to sustainable materials, GREEN CHOICE stands for environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. If a product comes from particularly innovative and environmentally friendly production, it also qualifies to be awarded the GREEN CHOICE logo. In a first step, we rely on a comprehensive certification of the production facilities used. In the future, however, we would also like to include particularly exemplary manufacturing processes that are characterised by demonstrable savings in one or more of the environmental aspects water, energy, emissions, chemicals and waste. With GREEN CHOICE, we rely above all on the following standards to prove sustainable manufacturing processes:


    Business shirts from the OLYMP Luxor, OLYMP Tendenz, OLYMP Level Five and OLYMP No. Six lines that carry the GREEN CHOICE label have sustainable characteristics in both GREEN CHOICE pillars: they are characterised by environmentally friendly production and have the traceable product label OEKO-TEX® MADE IN GREEN. By purchasing these products, OLYMP also supports the mission of the Better Cotton Initiative and promotes more sustainable cotton farming worldwide.