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At OLYMP we place great value on a transparent supply chain. This allows us to demonstrate that we act responsibly when sourcing our products and to support our customers’ desire to purchase our products with a clear conscience. 

The OLYMP supply chain is marked by very reliable and long-term partnerships with a small number of carefully selected manufacturing facilities. This long-term collaboration enables us to achieve consistently high quality levels and also to anchor sustainability considerations deeply and consistently within our supply chain.

The largest product group within the OLYMP portfolio is men’s shirts, accounting for 85%,
followed by knitwear and knitted fabrics, underwear and accessories such as ties, bow ties, pocket squares and braces. Our pool of manufacturers consists of a total of 25 production plants in 10 different countries worldwide.

OLYMP Retail KG sources an additional range of products for the OLYMP stores from further production sites. 
At OLYMP, we foster, in particular, solid and long-term business relations with our shirt manufacturers. In this case, we work with only five strategic suppliers who produce many millions of shirts for us each year. We have been working with some companies for over 30 years, and on average for just over 9 years. The businesses are in different countries in Asia: Bangladesh, China, Indonesia and Vietnam.

OLYMP suppliers

Our list of suppliers includes all production facilities for all products of OLYMP Bezner KG as well as suppliers of OLYMP Retail KG at December 2023. The list is updated regularlyDepending on the date of update, this information may deviate from that provided in the sustainability report.

By disclosing our supply chain, we create an important basis for dialogue with customers, suppliers, the media, NGOs and other groups in society. We look forward to receiving your suggestions, remarks and questions to: [email protected]

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