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Our stance. Our statement.

As a company operating globally, OLYMP bears global responsibility – towards our employees and clients, towards our suppliers and partners in the producing countries, towards the environment and climate and, not least, towards society. We at OLYMP have always been aware of our responsibility. The founder of the company, Eugen Bezner, practised social responsibility. And his son, Eberhard Bezner, was also convinced that only people who feel comfortable and at ease can manufacture high-quality products. This attitude hasn’t changed at OLYMP since the company’s early days in 1951.

Three key elements of our commitment

At OLYMP, corporate responsibility is more than just a catchphrase. It’s an attitude which we practise every day. It’s also a guiding principle which is firmly rooted in our corporate strategy. Our sustainability programme is based on three strong pillars and covers all aspects of our business operation: our supply chains, our product range and our company.

We are proud of this

On our way to securing a sustainable future, we have already achieved a lot together with our customers, employees and partners. These are important steps which make us very proud and that show us each day that thinking and acting in a sustainable manner is well worth it for everyone.

Communicating transparently

With our Sustainability Report, we want to provide even more comprehensive and transparent information about our diverse and ambitious sustainability commitment.